Monday, April 27, 2009

It is early

The Dodgers are in first, Rabbit's LL team has won 6 of 8 and is now in first and Blue Wave played two great games this weekend. After 8 days off it has been full speed ahead. I am exhausted, slightly sunburned and pretty happy.

Little League keeps rolling. Rabbit is hitting fairly well right now. He did end up playing 2B this past game for a few innings due to a preponderance of lefties and only 9 boys showing for the game. The deeper we get into the season the more convinced I become that this is our last year. Things are going well and yet we are still frustrated. I (semi)-secretly hope that we have an early exit from city tournament and we have made the decision to not participate in All Stars if invited. Blue Wave is his home for baseball for the remainder of the year. We are probably about 30 or so days away from being done with LL.

Blue Wave played this weekend against a "majors" level team. It was nice to play 10U vs 10U for the first time in a while. We have about 6 or 7 new players trying out and some inexperience led us to allowing some runs early on. However, we re-focused, made some good plays and finished game 1 losing 8-3. This was a well played game and showed glimpses of quality. Rabbit went 2-2 with a walk while batting third. He looked strong.

Rabbit started game 2 and left the ball up a few times allowing 2 runs on the first. In the second he kept getting ground balls but errors proved very costly. As the group plays together more this will become less and less of an issue. After his two innings he had allowed 5 (2 earned) and left trailing 5-3. Then the wheels fell off. We had difficulty finding outs, and the strike zone, for our later pitchers. The game degenerated and mercifully ended at 13-21. Rabbit got some time in RF and misplayed two balls to him, but made a nice grab on the third. It can be painful to watch, but the best way to improve is by doing. Of the first 10 balls to RF I would expect him to play 3-4 well. Of the next ten, he should play 7-8 well, and so on.

I am honestly ready for a break. The six-days-a-week is taking its toll. Rabbit needs to see his swing doctor, but we simply do not have a free day each week. Oh well, school is winding down, LL will be over soon and in the next few months I will be complaining about how boring the summer is.

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