Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why am I even surprised by rain anymore?

It is spring, and it is raining. Just like every year. Why does this surprise me when it has been like this forever? The downside is we keep raining out practices and games. Rabbit has not played in a game since February 15 and is itchy. He is really enjoying the new team and is trying his best to get caught up with the way they do things. We have a tournament scheduled for this weekend, but heavy rain is forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Boooo!

In exchange for lower (or no) monthly fees I have been doing my yard work on the weekends. We re-sodded two infields and put in sprinklers on 3 fields. Man was I sore. It was quite impressive though to see the finished result. I cannot wait to see the team play on the improved fields. After this weekend our next scheduled tournament is March 18-21 in Phoenix. We will leave Wednesday after school and head straight out. Should be a blast.

I got an e-mail from the Little League asking if Rabbit would be interested in playing LL around his travel schedule. They made it very clear that they understood that his travel team took priority and that they were hoping he could help fill out a very thin roster. I will ask him about this later tonight. While it would be nice to play with his friends, we made a conscious decision to not play LL this year for many reasons. As I read back my posts, I find it harder to endorse the idea. That being said, I know how much he misses playing with his buddies. It is up to him.

Spring Training is in full gear, games are already going, and we have already been to our first college game of the season. It is a great time of year, if we could only get the rain to stop!

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