Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little bit of quiet time.

We actually had a weekend off! It was amazing. Very strange.

This week had hitting on Monday, scheduled practice Wednesday, but Rabbit was not feeling well, and practice Friday. We will need to leave practice a bit early for a supper commitment, but that will be fine. We then have a double header on Sunday.

This past weekend we signed up for another (possibly final) Little League season. It was good to see some friends at the fields. We stuck around and watched a few fall-ball games. Nice to see the development of players I have known for 4 seasons now. Through it all we felt that we made the right choice by having Rabbit stay with Blue Wave for the fall season though.

Next month is fairly quiet, only a Big League Dreams tournament between now and Thanksgiving. The big calendar item is the Palm Springs tournament the last week of December. Strange to think we are already making our plans for it. The year moves very quickly.

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