Friday, October 3, 2008

Wow, where did that month go?

It has been a very quiet last month for several reasons. First off, the team only had one double header scheduled after canceling a tourney due to lack of players. Secondly, I have been unable to walk due to a foot injury. Add in school starting and all the assorted extra time there and we have been very light on baseball lately.

No excuses though, we are off to Paso Robles next weekend. This weekend Rabbit has been asked to play with the 11U team to get some innings in before the Paso tourney. Last weekend was a 10U double header on Sunday that went ok, but not great. Rabbit pitched two innings, 3 earned, 3 strikeouts, one walk. He left the ball up twice and got drilled both times. He looked pretty good for not having pitched in a month, but he needs to get back on the hill. Hitting he was 1-3 and also was HBP. Drove in a run and scored after stealing a few bases. As usual, finding the third out was a huge challenge for the group. Hopefully that will come easier in the future.

Tuesday of this week we worked on velocity. As I expected, he was throwing mid-forties with his fastball. Worked his arm rotation and taking a bigger step to try to get some more speed. By the end of the session (50 pitches) he had hit 50 several times on the radar. We will go again next Tuesday to see if the changes are sticking.

When not playing we are having a blast watching the Dodgers play in the playoffs. It is quite interesting watching Rabbit absorb a game these days. He is very aware of the hitters footwork, where the catcher's glove is and especially the pitch sequence. He is really seeing the game on an entirely different level.

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