Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick hits before the crazy gets going full swing

We built a "batting cage" set up in the garage this week. For now it is merely a net and some turf. Eventually I want to get a good floor, most likely rubber mats and finish it with a soft-toss machine. We like the results so far and it is a fun way to spend an evening. I myself have even spent a few buckets in there. My back is helping me to remember that I am old.

Little League try-outs are coming this month. Rabbit is going to be considered for Majors even though he is 10. We had a chance to play some pick up ball at the park with several boys who have played or will play in Majors and Rabbit fit right in. If for any reason he returns to AAA I know most of the coaches at that level and know that he will have fun and do well with them. Little League is just for giggles this year. Who knows, Rabbit may spend his time at catcher.

We are spending our nights watching MLB Network or in the cage. It is a blast right now and I am glad to see Rabbit full of enthusiasm. We have a brutal 6 months ahead of us with 6 days a week of baseball being the norm. I am very interested to see how we respond to the commitments.

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