Monday, February 2, 2009

Little League, Drama and Spring Training

We had Little League tryouts this past week. Rabbit wanted to be considered for Majors as a 10 year old. Majors is usually the 11-13 year old boys. I confirmed with the LL Board that it would be OK for him to try out for the higher league. Rabbit did well and looked like he would fit in nicely with the other players we saw try out. If there are 4 teams in the division I would expect that he would play in Majors. With only 3 I do not know if there is an open slot for a ten year old once all the 12 and 11 players are selected. Rabbit was upset that he did not do better in his tryout. He hit weakly and overthrew from the outfield. I am not too worried. He has played in this league for 4 years. Most of the coaches know him by now and understand what type of a player he is. If he does stay down in AAA this year I expect him to play lots of catcher and outfield.

Back to Blue Wave. As the "rec" ball season starts our numbers keep dwindling. We had always expected to play Sundays in the 10yo bracket. After the previous drama of the 11yo team becoming an 11/12 we lost, collectively, enough players that we are now looking at a 10/11 team. This is a real shame. The 10yo team was coming together nicely, making the finals 3 tournaments in a row. From that core group of 10 players, only 4 are still with the team. The main concern for now is where will Rabbit play. The 11 team has two good 1B. I expect that Rabbit will find some time on the bench as well as in the outfield. I like the kids, and parents, that still are with the team. I still feel that this is the right spot to be in. And I know from experience that once Little League ends we will have many more players. Our goal for the next 4 months is to have some fun and try to get as many games in as possible.

MLB Spring Training starts in 2 short weeks. I can hardly wait. We have all been watching the free agent moves and arguing about who did the best. I expect the Dodgers to be consistently mediocre. However, their infield is set for 3 years and looks fantastic. I also met with the OC Flyers last week. We have renewed our season tickets with them and are anxious to see them defend their GBL title. We have a great year ahead of us and are all excited at what the future holds.

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