Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, at least it stopped raining.

The tough part of playing on two teams right now is the scheduling. If everything goes according to plan we will have had baseball 9 days in a row by next Wednesday. And on at least 2 of those days we had direct conflicts between LL and travel. A very busy time for sure.

Speaking of Little League Rabbit is getting a lot of reps at first base. I would not be too surprised to see him playing there a bit this season. He is running very well and is making decent contact. As usual, his hitting will take a lot of concentration for now.

Travel team is now in the Sunday Double-Header set up. Every other Sunday we play 2. A nice idea and very low key. I am looking forward to those starting this week. Other than the previously noted we have mostly been waiting out the rain.

I heard my first bit of spring training games on the radio today. The anticipation of starting the season(s) is amazing. I can hardly wait.

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