Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring forward!

Little League opens this weekend. We also have a Blue Wave game on Sunday. Two practices Monday, one on Wednesday, one Thursday, and a mid-week game to be announced. Yipes!

Rabbit is playing well after shaking off a slight cold. His hitting is coming together and he is throwing the ball very well. His pitching is solid, but he is leaving the ball up in the zone. It still strikes me as silly that we are having these discussions about a 10 year old. He loves playing and that is enough.

So far we have been pretty true to our idea of LL just being a silly, fun time with no pressure. That being said, I fully expect Rabbit to be starting 1B as well as pitching some. At Blue Wave he is firmly planted at 1B and starting pitcher. It will be interesting to see how Rabbit adjusts to being used as a reliever. Historically he has struggled in those situations.

As a fan I am thrilled to see the World Baseball Classic starting, spring training in full swing and am preparing for the high-school/college/minor league seasons. Our big trip this year is planned as a road trip to ABQ to visit my Father-in-law and nephew and catch some AAA Dodgers this summer.

Other than the usual chaos we are currently looking for a private school for next year. Things are not quite crazy enough so we thought we should add something extra into the mix. As I have said before, I need professional help.

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