Monday, February 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I am not sure why I am surprised about the weather anymore. It seems like every year we lose valuable practice time before the LL season to rain. This year is no exception. Rabbit has had just 2 practices with his LL team and one with Blue Wave in the last 3 weeks. We have seen 6 practices and a tournament rained out. We need the rain, but Rabbit is going slightly stir crazy.

The LL Bruins (like UCLA) look to be a good team this year. The quality of play seems consistent with the Travel Ball Rabbit has been seeing for the past year. I like and respect the coach and am enjoying watching the kids work together. Rabbit seems to be taking the majority of drills at 1B and will have lots of innings there. Due to the weather we have not had anyone work out at pitcher yet. I know the coach wants him to throw. As a double bonus, we have SIX left handers on the team, out of 13 players. I am pretty sure that violates some law somewhere.

Blue Wave is back to being a 10U team after some comings and goings. I think this will work best and we are looking forward to our Sunday double headers which will start in March. Between now and then we need to get Rabbit back into the cages. His swing is not great right now. My big fear is that he gets into some bad habits that will be tough to correct.

Otherwise we are thrilled that MLB camps opened this past weekend. I am scanning the papers daily to see which rookies are making an impact and which veterans are about to lose a job. Who needs soap operas when you have clubhouse gossip.

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