Saturday, July 11, 2009

A tail in search of a head

Let me be blunt.



100 degrees, two painfully easy games squandered to rookie mistakes and no one accepting responsibility. This team needs a leader. Since there are no volunteers, we have let Rabbit know that he is faced with the unwelcome task of being an on field general. The boys simply do not come prepared to play. They practice well, but come game time they are on another planet. Rabbit needs to help them focus,or get those who refuse to focus where they will do the least harm. The good news is that we cannot play worse.

1-5 today, with a great RBI single, and 4 Ks. Horrible in the field, mediocre on the hill and terrible with the bat. We always expect July tourneys to be rough, but this was embarrassing. No point in dwelling on the past. I am interested in what tomorrow brings.

Found a huge whole in his swing and got to work on that. But that is like using a squirt gun on a forest fire. The problems facing this team require more than a visit to the cage.

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capngroovy said...

So, what I'm hearing then is that things didn't go so well this weekend? Sorry to hear that. It seems like it had been a while since the last tourney.