Friday, July 24, 2009

What will the future hold?

Zero expectations for this weeks tourney. 0-3 with 2 mercy losses is my guess. Not having a good time right now. The good news is that we are playing 10 minutes from home, and will not play until 1 PM on Sunday. Somehow we are playing with two 8 year old players while some 10s are not on the roster. I am confused, but slightly hopeful. The roster for the National Tourney in Nevada looks very strong. No point in freaking out, but we will have to start making decisions for next year in the next 90 days. Maybe it is time to unplug for a bit.

Rabbit needs glasses. This is no surprise since both the Mrs. and I are blind as bats. This might just help at the plate. We will be seeing an eye doctor next week. Otherwise, Rabbit can finally grip a circle change, and it is very effective right now. It will be fun to watch that develop.

Had a great road trip to Albuquerque. Saw two AAA games and got to play with my 16 yo nephew. He is becoming quite a solid player and he and Rabbit had a blast together. Rabbit is itchy though, wanting to play even more than he already is. His enthusiasm is overwhelming. It is all I can do to reign him in. Relax, breathe deep. He is only 10, for 4 more days at least.

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