Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A great time in Florida

Well, we accomplished our goal of baseball and barbecue in Florida. Overall we saw three games. A rain out on Friday led to a double header (9 inning game, then a 7 inning game) on Saturday. On Sunday morning we left Jacksonville for Savannah, GA for a 2PM game there. At 5PM on Sunday we had seen 25 innings of baseball played in less than 23 hours. I was in heaven.

Minor league ball is a blast. In Jacksonville we were granted a full access tour including the owners suite, clubhouse, underground cages and field. We were also allowed to go out early and watch BP and get autographs. Also in Jacksonville Rabbit got the ball from the final out of the first game when the CF tossed it to him. At the Savannah game Rabbit and I were brought out onto the field between innings for the home run derby. Starting in Left Field you hit the ball off the tee. Kid first, then father. If you get it over the fence in 2 hits you win. Rabbit did his part, I failed miserably. We still got the Chili's gift certificates anyway.

We had a great time and many thanks to our friends in Jacksonville for setting it all up. Now, back to reality. Practice Wednesday, hitting lesson Thursday and then a tournament Saturday and Sunday. We are still deciding about the next tourney, a week-long affair that starts the 26th.

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