Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wow - downtime!

We had a good practice last night and ended a fun week. Rabbit is now at "Grandma Camp" with his cousin. That means 6 days with no kid! Except for having everyone over for dinner on Sunday, Dodger game and his birthday party on Monday and throwing on Tuesday. For his birthday we got him a new backpack style gear bag that is quite roomy. It will be much easier on his shoulders.

Our next practice is on Monday the fourth and then we do not have a game until the 16th and 17th. I know Rabbit will enjoy the break and I hope he has a good time being a 10 year old spaz. We are off to my brother's house next weekend for 3 days of pool time. The 10s team is playing this week in a CCYB tournament and we wish them well. For now though it nice to have a respite.

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