Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A chance to play with the big boys

The new bat is working well and Jason, the swing doctor, is pleased with Rabbit's progress. On Sunday we went to the LL park and threw off the mound focusing on velocity. His first 10 pitches averaged 44 MPH on the Bushnell gun. His last 10 (he only was allowed to throw 50) averaged 48.5, including 2 at 49 and one at 50. Not bad for a first effort. A longer stride really helped his speed.

We will be playing this coming weekend on July 5 and 6 with the 10U team. Since Rabbit is only 9 I expect that he will not play very much. I am quite happy about this honestly. I hope he can take this tournament and treat it as a learning opportunity. His time in the dugout can be spent listening to the coaches, seeing how they set up the fielders and focusing on the pitchers. I think this a great opportunity for him.

After the tournament we are off for almost 2 weeks. We are headed to Jacksonville, Florida to visit some friends. While out there we will see some minor league ball, eat BBQ, and complain about the heat. It should be a fun time all around.

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