Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Stars - Game 2

Well, after game 1 we had a few days off. On Monday Rabbit went to his "swing doctor" and then a practice on Tuesday night. Game 2 was scheduled for Wednesday. Since it is a double elimination format we needed to win or we would be out of the tournament.

We were visitors and batted first. Nothing too exciting, no runs across. In the bottom of the inning we played good defense (Rabbit started on first base) and looked good. In the second we scored 3. Rabbit walked his first time up and came around to score on a wild pitch. The pitcher for the opposing team hit his arm when he fell and came out of the game after 1.2 innings and we had a 3-1 lead. Sadly, we did not get any more runs that inning. In their half of the second we got two outs quickly, but struggled mightily to get that last out. The coach pulled the starter when the game was 4-3 and brought in Rabbit to get the last out. He got 3 ground balls, none of which were fielded. A bloop single over our 3B who was playing shallow for some reason, and a sleepy catcher (he knelt down to tie his shoe before calling time) led to 7-3 deficit by the end of the inning. We scrapped and fought, but finally ended up on the wrong end of a 10-6 score. Rabbit got a real nice opposite field hit in his second at bat. The team was guilty of several mental mistakes, for everyone, that really cost them a chance to move on. However, the baseball they played was a far sight better than what we witnessed on Saturday.

So we are now, officially, super-duper mean it done with Little League for this season. We will not be playing "fall ball" as we are with the travel team now.

Rabbit's new bats will be here today. Even though we have a day off I suspect he will want to hit later. Nothing serious, just a bucket of whiffles. We actually have the entire weekend off as well. Crazy! We are playing in a tournament with Blue Wave on July 5-6, then off that next week to Florida on vacation before coming back for the USSSA World Series July 23-27 held at Big League Dreams fields. By the time that is over we will already be in August. Wow, it sure is moving quickly.

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