Friday, June 13, 2008

And away we go

Wish us luck, first tournament is tomorrow. So far we have purchased 2 hats ($50), an easy-up ($90), new socks, pants and belts ($75) and various balls, whiffles and other fun stuff ($50). That is right, we are roughly $265 into this, not counting tournament fees, initiation fees and coaching fees (appx. $600 so far) before we have played even one inning. I knew this was coming, but this is wildly different than the $55 Little League season.

Speaking of Little League we had our first All Stars practice last night. Rabbit was tired, but he hit very well. Those who know him realize this is quite a feat as he is generally not a strong hitter. He played real well in the field as well and seems to enjoy playing with the boys he has known for years again.

His arm looks great for this weekend and he is so excited he can barely sit still. Our games are in Moreno Valley (hour drive into the desert) and we need to leave Saturday morning by 8am. On Sunday we need to leave by 6:30. Anyone who knows me realizes what a sacrifice this is for my child. It is supposed to be stupidly hot this weekend, and there are 9 boys going. 24 innings without a rest over a two day span. The good news is that the most they can pitch is 6 innings in one day, 7 in two days. We still have a practice tonight, then home by 9 PM to pack up the car. It will be fun to see how he responds to all this playing time. The good news is that with next week being the last week of school it will be OK for him to be exhausted on Monday.

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