Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's spend more money!

I learned something new at last weeks tournament - all the cool kids use "big barrel" bats. These are bats that are not legal for use in Little League play, so if we get one for Rabbit he will be using different bats over the course of a year. Yikes.

I found a cool website at that has some nice closeout specials. There is even a buy one get one offer where I could get 2 years worth of bats for less than $150. This seems like the way we will go once I get a chance to talk to the coaches about their recommendations.

We went to the cages again last night and made a big change to Rabbit's swing. He is now standing very open and closing his foot as the ball comes in. He is not quite as exaggerated as Andres Galarraga was, but if you remember his swing it is a similar idea. The change was dramatic. He began driving the ball and hit 19/20 and 20/20 in his last two rounds in the cage. Prior to the change he had been hitting 12-15 each round. We will keep looking at that swing and positioning but the early results are encouraging.

We had Little League closing ceremonies last night and took home some hardware. The trophies they gave to the All Stars are about 2'6" tall. He was also named defensive MVP, threw the most innings and strikeouts and tied for most HR hit this season. It was a good year for him and it was fun to get the team back together one more time. All Star practice is tonight with the first game on Saturday --- we think.

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