Thursday, August 28, 2008

It is the first day of school...

Finally! Rabbit started fifth grade this morning after a great summer of laziness, baseball, bar-b-cue and general good times. This has been a pretty normal week, BP with Blue Wave on Monday, hitting lesson (last one for a few months) on Tuesday, conditioning workout with Blue Wave on Wednesday and a tournament this weekend in San Clemente. Tonight, as a special bonus, Rabbit is the bat boy for the OC Flyers game against the Long Beach Armada. He will be in the dugout with Darrel Evans, Gary Carter and all the players. What a cool experience.

The Blue Wave 10U team is starting to gel a little bit. Rabbit is fitting in nicely and has several friends on the squad. We have a minimum of four games this weekend so I am looking forward to watching them play together more. I figure this group will need a few more tournaments before they are real competitive, but progress is clearly being made.

I mentioned earlier that Rabbit has finished with private hitting instruction for a bit. His grandmother got him some pitching lessons for his birthday. We are going to focus on that through the end of October and then go back to hitting once a month and pitching once a month. It gets very pricey, but the results are dramatic. Plus, part of me wants him to just blow everyone away at Little League tryouts this coming March.

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