Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer draws to a close

We have a tourney next weekend that will be played with wood bats. That should be fun and help even out some of the power gaps between the kids. Monday is BP with Blue Wave, Tuesday hitting lesson, Wednesday night conditioning and then the games on Saturday and Sunday.

We bought season seats with the Orange County Flyers for next year and get the rest of this year included. As part of the package Rabbit gets to be a bat boy at one of the later games. I hope the schedules work out for that, that would be a lot of fun for him. School starts in a few weeks (August 28th I believe) so we are starting to wind it all down. We have had a blast and are looking forward to the fall.

Rabbit's team is now the 10yo team and they will play together for the next 4-7 months. Next sumer he may play up again if they need the help. It is a good group of kids and I am excited to watch them grow together. Rabbit's hitting is amazingly better thanks to Coach Jason and he will start some pitching lessons after school starts. We will do series of 6 lessons hitting over a two month period, then a few weeks off before 6 pitching lessons over 2 months. We will decide again in January if we want to do more private lessons. They are very valuable, but not cheap.

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